Must Have Windows Pc Software – Free and Premium

Windows PC works with the help of third party applications. Some new windows have doubts on their mind about which software or application is must and best suited for their Windows PC. We provide the list of software must have on your PC. There are several advantages you may acquire using this software on your computer. On the other side, you also should keep your computer safe and secure from the malware.

windows pc software for your system

List of Must Have Windows PC Software’s


Firefox is the alternative software application for internet explorer. It eliminates the annoying pop-up ads and provides better performance than the other browsers. Firefox has excellent features and makes your Internet surfing easy. If you still using any old version of web browsers try to switch to Firefox, which gives the amazing experience. This is open source software you can download it easily using the internet.

Google Chrome

It is another important software application used for browsing.  It’s not open source software but can be downloaded easily from a website. It is very efficient and excellent to work freely also customize for using. It has features to hide your browsing history at private from home or office. You can also use this as replacement software for both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Internet Download Manager

From the beginning, internet download manager provides excellent features for Windows PC to download from the web. It is the most used software for downloading the files, documents, etc. It also helps to manage the downloaded files in a list. It is available for open source, we recommend it as one of the must have PC software.

Bluestack Emulator

Bluestack emulator is another must have PC software. It helps you to play all the Android platform games on your PC. Also using this blue stack emulator, you can able to use your computer like Smartphone by enabling all the Android applications. Few other Android emulators also available for free on the internet to support your PC.


This is file compression software used to compress the files and documents in Zipping and RAR format. It’s important software employed in computers to extract the files to a folder. You can also able to view all the files obtained in zipping format. Under this all the data encrypted and the unauthorized persons can’t access these files easily.

Telegram Messenger

For instant messaging Telegram messenger, is also important software to have on your PC. This is similar to WhatsApp, Viber, line applications.  You can send or receive messages from your contacts with the help of internet. It can support all operating systems; also it has many features to attract its users.

VLC Media Player

VLC media player used to run all the media files like audio, videos and other files without the struggle. This is free software available on the internet; you can easily download and use it for your computer. It can support CD and DVD formats as well. You can play any media files using the media players like VLC, KM player and SM player.

PDF Creator

It is similar to the Adobe Acrobat software. It used as a replacement for Adobe Acrobat. PDF Creator works as a converter which converts the document files as a PDF folder on your computer. You can use it as a virtual printer on your personal computer.

Office Suite

The office suite is one of the best software for creating the document, files using WordPad, Notepad, PowerPoint, paint, excel and other files. It’s free and open source software available on the internet. This is most used software in personal as well as office works. Everyone uses it for their day to day life, so this could be one of the unavoidable must have PC software. Here you can learn more about latest software tips.

Photoshop Editor

One of the best editing software for the PC version. It is useful in photo, image, video editing process. You can create or apply different color combinations to a single image and change the mode of the image using this software. You can resize, crop, cut, expand the photo or image using the features of Photoshop. You can do it by both online and offline.

Avast Free Antivirus Software

To safeguard your computer from malware functions like the virus, junk files, documents and other Avast antivirus used. It used to clean up all the junk and cache files regularly while switching on your computer. It gives the full protection to your computer from unauthorized third party users. Also, you can manage your storage by deleting some unwanted files using the antivirus software. Only a few of the must have Windows PC software listed above. There are free and paid software available to execute your computer safely.

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