Preventing your computer from different kinds of the virus can be a challenging task, as most of the virus can make their way to your computer in an easy way. Preventing your computer from getting hacked can be done with the help of regular steps performed on your profile and computer in an effective way. It is important to every organization and individual to secure their computer and profile by following certain steps on a regular basis. More info look here at Unlimited PC Downloads

How to Prevent Viruses On Your computer

How to Prevent Viruses On Your Computer?

Some of the quality tips to prevent your profile and computer being hacked.  If you are using VPS (Virtual Private Server) means you contact the server provider they will help you to get rid of viruses from your system. We have latest LiquidWeb coupons for to purchase VPS servers. LiquidWeb is the best VPS hosting provider for small to enterprise level businesses.

  • Have quality antivirus software – There is plenty of Antivirus software, which can be used by installing on your computer. You will find both free and paid software, which can prevent the computer till certain stage. Have a premium and a complete protection plan, which helps you prevent from different kinds of virus attacks on your computer. As it is important for you to protect your profile and computer from every source, it is recommended to choose the right antivirus software, which can provide you maximum benefits in defending your identity or the computer.
  • Change user credentials – Changing user credentials of your computer and emails could benefit a lot to defend from getting hacked. An old password loses its strength over a period. Ensure to change your user credentials and never try to use the old password. Changing password once in a month could help you protect your computer and profile in an effective way, as an active user account can always defend from different kinds of hack attempts.
  • Keep your operating system updated – Operating system is one of the important aspects of securing your computer, as an outdated operating system would have the capability to figure out the current threats in the market. It is important for you to keep your operating system updated; as it helps you updated virus software and prevent your computer from getting attacked. Ensure to install all the patch files and run regular operating system scans the hard drive and files to ensure a clean computer without unwanted files.  
  • Run scan regularly – Run a regular scan of both anti-virus application and software and the operating system in an effective way. As a generic and basic scanning activity can be done in the background, it is widely recommended for people to run antivirus scan at least once in a week. Running scans and updating your antivirus software can help you check for the latest virus in the market to defend in an effective way.  
  • Secure your hard line network – Secure your hard line network of your Internet, as some of the technologies and equipment allow hackers to send a virus to the network with the help of hard lines. It is important to secure your hard-liners in an effective way, as this is one of the traditional and the most effective source of attacking in the commercial sector. Most of the commercial entities prefer to outsource the work to a professional company, as it is important to protect the internal information at all costs in an effective way.
  • Browse with care – Ensure to browse only secure sites, as browsing spam sites can give out an access for the virus to make their way to your computer and server in a quick span of time. Accessing insecure and spam sites can be dangerous for the entire server, as the malware and spyware files can affect the entire database in a dangerous way.
  • Know your external devices – it is important for every individual to scan the external devices before accessing it on your computer, as some of the computers try to transfer the virus files to your computer through external devices. External devices like flash drive, hard drive, and the even mobile phone can attack your computer in a quick span of time, as some of the deadly virus can transfer files and folder effectively.


Protecting your computer and profile in an effective helps you to secure your personal life, as it could lead a way to access all your personal information in a quick span of time. There are different kinds of virus, which has the capability to destroy your files permanently or temporarily.

You need to have any one of the best software to backup your data which available on your PC or laptop. Sometimes your system loses the documents, files, information and other important software. The backup software’s help you to retain the lost documents, software, files, etc. to avoid such instances; you must have any backup software. The main function of the backup software to record all your important documents. There is much backup software available for Maintain your computer programs. We have listed here some best backup software for Windows 10. The backup software has the feature to automatic backup the system data and keeps it safe for your benefit. The backup software available for online and offline as well, you can get online software for better protection of your documents.

Best Backup Software for Windows 10

Acronis True Image

The Acronis true image software is a popular software product for backup your home computer files, documents, images, etc. it helps you to backup your device files individually or whole system function with image format and stores it in hard disk or server. There are few excellent features available in this backup software like a preview of files, recovery of different accounts, email notification, data encryption, 5GB of free online storage for a year, sandbox mode, file verification, etc. The premium account of this software available for $49.99 USD. This software can support windows 8 and windows 10.

AOMEI Backupper Professional

AOMEI more backup professional is full pledged software to backup all kind of data.  You can copy or change complete data to another drive. You can save all the files; it can be a single file or anything from local or external drives. This app will help you to encrypt the data with reliable password and custom settings. Later you will receive notification mail for confirmation of backup completion. Then it can split the backup and makes individual files like CD, DVD or another format. AOMEI backup app has the feature to run the backup occasionally by daily, weekly, monthly or throughout a day with the specific period. It will support Windows 10, 8, 7 and XP operating versions in both 32 bit and 64 bit.

DriveImage XML

DriveImage XML used to system drive or any other external drive backup. It can store two files per folder and then save all the files on local drive, external or network folder. You can pick the unused space for backup the files, also split the backup files or folders. But one of the main drop of splitting the backup file that you couldn’t allocate the size of the slices or splitting. DriveImage XML helps you to restore the backup image or data again on your drive with the same size. You can also restore the backup image file individually by searching from the backup device. Using DriveImage XML, easily backup or copy files from one drive or folder to other. It is also one among the recommended backup software for Windows 10 operating system.

Genie Timeline Free

Genie Timeline free software is very straightforward and easy backup software to backup the files, folders from one drive to another. This allows you choose the exact file to back-ups like documents, videos, office files, etc. The menu options in genie timeline free make the users complicated to work. This software doesn’t backup few files or folders, so you can’t perform backup for all the data. Switching option is available to change from smart mode to Turbo mode for faster or slower backup speed.  It can support 32 bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 10, 8, 7 and other OS.


It allows you to backup individual files to a local drive or external drive and Google Drive too. You can preset the locations of the backup files or folders, so easily get the files or documents from Microsoft Outlook and Google Chrome. It consists of two type of backup called full and mirror. Where full used to backup all the data in zipping format and mirror used for backup the files in regular format. Also keep all the files, documents in the encrypted format which shows it as secured backup software. Here you can set backup run for daily, weekly or month wise as per your compatibility. This also supports for Windows operating systems 10, 8, 7 and XP.

Macrium Reflect

The entire documents or files from different folders or drive backup as image files or directly backup by Macrium Reflect software. The saved image file can be viewed using only the Macrium Reflect software. You can add more file to this backup drive also schedule the backup run for a particular period to check regularly. It will work in Windows 10, 8 and XP of both versions 32 bit and 64 bit.

Windows PC works with the help of third party applications. Some new windows have doubts on their mind about which software or application is must and best suited for their Windows PC. We provide the list of software must have on your PC. There are several advantages you may acquire using this software on your computer. On the other side, you also should keep your computer safe and secure from the malware.

windows pc software for your system

List of Must Have Windows PC Software’s


Firefox is the alternative software application for internet explorer. It eliminates the annoying pop-up ads and provides better performance than the other browsers. Firefox has excellent features and makes your Internet surfing easy. If you still using any old version of web browsers try to switch to Firefox, which gives the amazing experience. This is open source software you can download it easily using the internet.

Google Chrome

It is another important software application used for browsing.  It’s not open source software but can be downloaded easily from a website. It is very efficient and excellent to work freely also customize for using. It has features to hide your browsing history at private from home or office. You can also use this as replacement software for both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Internet Download Manager

From the beginning, internet download manager provides excellent features for Windows PC to download from the web. It is the most used software for downloading the files, documents, etc. It also helps to manage the downloaded files in a list. It is available for open source, we recommend it as one of the must have PC software.

Bluestack Emulator

Bluestack emulator is another must have PC software. It helps you to play all the Android platform games on your PC. Also using this blue stack emulator, you can able to use your computer like Smartphone by enabling all the Android applications. Few other Android emulators also available for free on the internet to support your PC.


This is file compression software used to compress the files and documents in Zipping and RAR format. It’s important software employed in computers to extract the files to a folder. You can also able to view all the files obtained in zipping format. Under this all the data encrypted and the unauthorized persons can’t access these files easily.

Telegram Messenger

For instant messaging Telegram messenger, is also important software to have on your PC. This is similar to WhatsApp, Viber, line applications.  You can send or receive messages from your contacts with the help of internet. It can support all operating systems; also it has many features to attract its users.

VLC Media Player

VLC media player used to run all the media files like audio, videos and other files without the struggle. This is free software available on the internet; you can easily download and use it for your computer. It can support CD and DVD formats as well. You can play any media files using the media players like VLC, KM player and SM player.

PDF Creator

It is similar to the Adobe Acrobat software. It used as a replacement for Adobe Acrobat. PDF Creator works as a converter which converts the document files as a PDF folder on your computer. You can use it as a virtual printer on your personal computer.

Office Suite

The office suite is one of the best software for creating the document, files using WordPad, Notepad, PowerPoint, paint, excel and other files. It’s free and open source software available on the internet. This is most used software in personal as well as office works. Everyone uses it for their day to day life, so this could be one of the unavoidable must have PC software. Here you can learn more about latest software tips.

Photoshop Editor

One of the best editing software for the PC version. It is useful in photo, image, video editing process. You can create or apply different color combinations to a single image and change the mode of the image using this software. You can resize, crop, cut, expand the photo or image using the features of Photoshop. You can do it by both online and offline.

Avast Free Antivirus Software

To safeguard your computer from malware functions like the virus, junk files, documents and other Avast antivirus used. It used to clean up all the junk and cache files regularly while switching on your computer. It gives the full protection to your computer from unauthorized third party users. Also, you can manage your storage by deleting some unwanted files using the antivirus software. Only a few of the must have Windows PC software listed above. There are free and paid software available to execute your computer safely.

What is VPN?

VPN or virtual private network is software or an application, which can be used on any desktop or a laptop. VPN is an interface, where the user will have a login with the help of his or her username and password. The login window takes you to a closed environment, where you get an option to work with secured files. It is very much important to have internet connectivity to log into VPN interface, as VPN is software, which gets connected to the main server. Here you will see about Free VPN For Laptop Windows 7.

Why use VPN for laptop

Free VPN For Laptop Windows 7VPN has been used in most of the organizations, as it helps their company to monitor the activities of the employees and gives out a secured environment to work and secure files in an effective way. VPN access can be provided through various sources apart from entering their username and password, as most of the VPN companies offer different security options to log into the interface in an effective way.

Advantages of using VPN for laptop

  • Security – VPN provides utmost security compared to using the regular computer, as users will have access to install different applications. As most of the virus files make their way to your computer with the help of applications, VPN has been considered widely by a lot of people to use it on a regular basis. Most of the software giants and IT organizations have made it mandatory to work only in the given environment, as it secures their data in an effective way.
  • Monitoring purposes – There are a lot of companies, who prefer to monitor the data transition from one person to another person. As it is a security issue for some of the companies to protect their files and data, VPN helps people to monitor their employs on exchanging information and data in an effective way. As there is no possibility of copying and pasting a whole data from your VPN window to your local computer, it is almost impossible for your employees to steal the data or any file related to the work.

Some of the common VPNs for laptops

VPN services are available for both free of cost and by paying a certain amount of money to VPN service providers. The features and options are relative same, but a minor difference regarding features can be found by using different kinds of VPN services on a regular basis

Some of the top 5 VPN services provided for free of cost in the market.


VPN or virtual private network is one of the mandatory software used in most of the organizations. The network or the interface could prevent people from losing data, as most of the data would be stored on a secured server. VPN has been used by individuals and organizations, as the VPN access is usually secured and lets you work in a closed environment.

Web browsers are one of the most important parts of the operating system, as most of the people would end up using the browser for one of the other things. Browser plays a major role regarding visiting websites in an effective way. It is important to have a quick browser, which can filter the entire span and load it in an effective way. Here we will see about Best Web Browser for Windows 10 one by one.

In Windows dedicated server also you can use Chrome or any other top browsers. Here you can learn more about dedicated hosting.

Some of the recommended browsers to be installed on the operating system

  1. Google ChromeBest Web Browser for Windows 10: Google ChromeChrome is one of the popular browsers to be used on a regular basis. Chrome is built by Google, which has enough capabilities to handle different kinds of threats in an effective way. Google Chrome has been widely used in both computers and mobile devices, where people get to enjoy an easy interface and convenient plugins to make your browsing activity easier. Google Chrome is known to allow excess ads, but there are plenty of plugins, which can be used to block most of the advertisement in the websites.
  1. Opera OperaOpera is one of the underrated browsers after the introduction of Chrome and Firefox, but it is evident that most of the developers prefer to use Opera because of its lightning speed regarding Opera has been highly popular in most of the developed countries, as the launch and the browsing speed are more efficient than any of the available browsers. Opera provides an advanced ad-blocker facility, where you can block ads from some of the common websites in an effective way.
  1. Mozilla FirefoxFirefox is one of the popular browsers after chrome in the market, as Firefox is very much similar to Google Chrome regarding functionalities and the interface. The Firefox and Chrome are a race to improvise their features, as developers and users are widely using both the browsers on a regular basis. The interface and the features of the Firefox browser have been widely appreciated and are suitable for software developers and web developers. Some of the testing plugins can be used only Mozilla Firefox, as it gives out a convenient environment for both developer and tester.
  1. Safari safari browserSafari is an Apple browser, which was initially made to use in Mac operating systems. As there are a lot of users, who prefer to use Safari for its qualities, Apple introduced Safari browser to Windows as well. It is evident that Mac lovers prefer to use Apple applications as much as possible and safari can be their first choice regarding using a browser. Some of the plugins and the widgets in Safari can be used to perform different kinds of tasks in an effective way.
  1. Vivaldi vivaldi browserVivaldi is different other operating systems, as some of the features and options are not available in most of the common browsers. Vivaldi lets you create your browser and customize your options according to the requirement. Vivaldi has been used by a lot of students and professionals to make their work easier by having enough options handy on the screen. Vivaldi can adapt to different colors and options depending on the website, which helps people to customize in a convenient way.
  2. Microsoft EdgeMicrosoft EdgeMicrosoft edge is a default browser comes along with Windows 10, which has been designed effectively in the Windows 10 environment. Some of the options in the operating have been properly associated with the browser, which helps you to use different applications at the same time. As the operating system manufacturer designs Microsoft Edge, it is evident that the browser does not carry much of background data, which helps you to save time and data while browsing online.


Windows 10 is one of the advanced operating system released by Windows, where the interface and the navigation process have been completely changed. It is widely recommended by a lot of people to upgrade their operating system to Windows 10 to enjoy additional features.