Best Backup Software for Windows 10

You need to have any one of the best software to backup your data which available on your PC or laptop. Sometimes your system loses the documents, files, information and other important software. The backup software’s help you to retain the lost documents, software, files, etc. to avoid such instances; you must have any backup software. The main function of the backup software to record all your important documents. There is much backup software available for Maintain your computer programs. We have listed here some best backup software for Windows 10. The backup software has the feature to automatic backup the system data and keeps it safe for your benefit. The backup software available for online and offline as well, you can get online software for better protection of your documents.

Best Backup Software for Windows 10

Acronis True Image

The Acronis true image software is a popular software product for backup your home computer files, documents, images, etc. it helps you to backup your device files individually or whole system function with image format and stores it in hard disk or server. There are few excellent features available in this backup software like a preview of files, recovery of different accounts, email notification, data encryption, 5GB of free online storage for a year, sandbox mode, file verification, etc. The premium account of this software available for $49.99 USD. This software can support windows 8 and windows 10.

AOMEI Backupper Professional

AOMEI more backup professional is full pledged software to backup all kind of data.  You can copy or change complete data to another drive. You can save all the files; it can be a single file or anything from local or external drives. This app will help you to encrypt the data with reliable password and custom settings. Later you will receive notification mail for confirmation of backup completion. Then it can split the backup and makes individual files like CD, DVD or another format. AOMEI backup app has the feature to run the backup occasionally by daily, weekly, monthly or throughout a day with the specific period. It will support Windows 10, 8, 7 and XP operating versions in both 32 bit and 64 bit.

DriveImage XML

DriveImage XML used to system drive or any other external drive backup. It can store two files per folder and then save all the files on local drive, external or network folder. You can pick the unused space for backup the files, also split the backup files or folders. But one of the main drop of splitting the backup file that you couldn’t allocate the size of the slices or splitting. DriveImage XML helps you to restore the backup image or data again on your drive with the same size. You can also restore the backup image file individually by searching from the backup device. Using DriveImage XML, easily backup or copy files from one drive or folder to other. It is also one among the recommended backup software for Windows 10 operating system.

Genie Timeline Free

Genie Timeline free software is very straightforward and easy backup software to backup the files, folders from one drive to another. This allows you choose the exact file to back-ups like documents, videos, office files, etc. The menu options in genie timeline free make the users complicated to work. This software doesn’t backup few files or folders, so you can’t perform backup for all the data. Switching option is available to change from smart mode to Turbo mode for faster or slower backup speed.  It can support 32 bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 10, 8, 7 and other OS.


It allows you to backup individual files to a local drive or external drive and Google Drive too. You can preset the locations of the backup files or folders, so easily get the files or documents from Microsoft Outlook and Google Chrome. It consists of two type of backup called full and mirror. Where full used to backup all the data in zipping format and mirror used for backup the files in regular format. Also keep all the files, documents in the encrypted format which shows it as secured backup software. Here you can set backup run for daily, weekly or month wise as per your compatibility. This also supports for Windows operating systems 10, 8, 7 and XP.

Macrium Reflect

The entire documents or files from different folders or drive backup as image files or directly backup by Macrium Reflect software. The saved image file can be viewed using only the Macrium Reflect software. You can add more file to this backup drive also schedule the backup run for a particular period to check regularly. It will work in Windows 10, 8 and XP of both versions 32 bit and 64 bit.

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